Bakrid to be low-key: No supply of animals to sacrifice

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Hyderabad: With less than a fortnight to go for Id ul Zuha (Bakrid), there is confusion over whether Muslims will be able to perform hiya (Qurbani).

The festival, which may fall possibly on August 1, is likely to be a low-key affair.

Muslims in Hyderabad every year sacrifice more than 30,000 rams and more than 12,000 bulls and calves.

Usually, sacrificial animals are brought to Hyderabad from Gujarat, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Andhra Pradesh. Every year, many people used to trade the sacrificial animals.

These traders are not sure that this time they will be able to sell the animals due to possible restrictions from the police and the GHMC.

Chances of supply of animals from the neighboring states are very less. Possible restrictions on transporting animals may result in a hike in prices.

Syed Shahid Ali, who brings sheep from the neighboring districts every year, said the vehicles carrying them may not be allowed to enter the city as thousands of residents will come in contact with each other during the trade. He felt that people are not showing interest in purchasing cattle.

He pointed out that there is a fear associated with Qurbani as the butcher would go from home to home and can be a carrier of the Coronavirus.

Because of these factors, there is a notion that instead of sacrificing an animal one can pay the cost of Udhiyah to needy persons, particularly Coronavirus victims or those who have suffered due to lockdown. Islamic theologians said that giving alms is not a substitute for the Udhiya.

Maulana Abdur Raheem Khurram Jamai said Islam has very clear guidelines regarding Udhiyah from the type of animal to the time-frame after the Id ul Zuha. Islam does not leave ambiguity whatsoever in regards the who can perform the sacrifice and how, when, and where it can.

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